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Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions  


Why do I need a professional copywriter?  Why can't I just do this myself?   


It's true that most people can write. But copywriting is an art and science, and it's much more than simply words on paper. Good copywriting must be learned. It involves specific structures and techniques. It requires a deep understanding of content marketing, search engine optimization, and how people respond to words, graphics, layouts and images. 


Some people can do this without training, study or experience. But not many can do it well. Sometimes they can do more damage than good. Is it worth the risk to your business or project


A handful of people can somewhat imitate the techniques used by professional copywriters. But more often than not, the best business decision you can make is to call in a professional.


Let's use an example.  Think about changing the oil in your car.  If you Google a description of how to do it, it looks fast and easy. You just crawl under the car and loosen a single drain plug in the oil pan. The old oil drains out and you put the plug back in. Then you open the hood and pour in a few quarts of new oil. You unscrew the old oil filter and screw in a new one. It's just like changing a light bulb.  


Easy, right?  Anybody can do it


But wait - not so fast. You also could have gone to Jiffy Lube and had it done by professionals in a just a few minutes. Meanwhile you relaxed with the morning paper, checked your e-mail, and enjoyed a fresh cup of hot coffee. You didn't make a mess in your garage. You don't have 5 quarts of dirty oil to dispose of safely.  It doesn't take you several hours to do since you're not a trained mechanic. 


Instead, you let a professional do it. The cost was fair, and well worth your valuable time. You thank the technician and drive away with an engine that feels great...and so do you! 

Copy, grant and proposal writing is like this. You'll be glad you let a professional do the heavy lifting for you.            


What types of services do you provide?  

We're a full-service writing business, and can take on nearly any task involving words. 


Some examples of our services (in no particular order) include: 

  • Fundraising appeals

  • Infographics

  • Technical Writing and Research Reports

  • RFP responses  

  • Emails and autoresponders

  • Lead generation

  • Search engine optimization and keywords

  • Crowdsourcing support

  • Blogs

  • Social media

  • Articles and editorials

  • Direct-response sales letters

  • E-newsletters and print newsletters

  • Proofreading

  • Case studies

  • White papers


You're called "Edward Zellem Writers" in the plural.  
Will I work with more than one writer?    


Great question. It's true that Edward Zellem does most of the writing, because he enjoys writing and personally working with clients so much.  His 30 years of experience as a writer - both inside and outside the military - means he learns and works fast, efficiently, collaboratively, and with extreme professionalism. 


But his experience also helps him know just when to call in the power of his large network of experts and advisers  to give you the best possible product. That's why we call ourselves "Edward Zellem Writers" in the plural. 


But don't worry - you'll have the advantage of working directly with Edward Zellem every step of the way. He will write, or personally review and edit, every single word in your product.  And he will never miss a deadline.    


How do we work together?  Is there a contract?


One of the things I enjoy most about freelance writing is the ability to create individually tailored projects that meet the customer's needs.  We'll talk about the details and agree on a written plan based on this sample Project Terms of Agreement document. It won't take long, and there won't be a lot of legalese - we both want to get to work! 


Once I know what you want, I work very well independently and won't take up much of your valuable time - but we can communicate as often as you wish. And of course, everything I write will be 100% subject to your approval as a finished product.   


How much do you cost?


We customize each project estimate based on your needs, and on the professional industry-standard fee ranges for high-quality work. 


See attachment for current fee range schedule and estimates.  These are estimates only - every project is unique. 


OK - sounds great.  How do we start?  


Fantastic!  We'll have fun with this - and you'll like the result. 


We look forward to working with you....simply contact us and Let's Write! 

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