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Writing Samples

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Edward Zellem is the 12-time award-winning author of three bilingual books of Afghan Dari and Pashto proverbs, currently published in 19 languages. More information and media about this global, multi-year project at


He also researched and wrote the Student and Instructor Guides for the acclaimed PADI "Spring Diver" scuba diving course.  The books and course have been approved as a Distinctive Specialty Course by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the world's largest recreational diving instruction agency. As a result, Spring Diver now can be taught by PADI instructors in scuba certification classes worldwide.


More details on Edward Zellem's Author Page on    

"The universe that we live in is a work of art.  We live in art. The beauty of nature around us, the high blue sky, starry nights, colorful rainbows, flowers all around, humans, animals, such beautiful creations.  It’s all art!

     And the voice of rain, the singing of birds, the waves, even the sound of air is all music.

    How lucky we are, to live in a work of art where the music always plays!

      For those who say I should not paint, my answer is: you mean that I should not live...."


Meena Saifi Artist

"The digital age is bringing creative empowerment and financial independence to women and youth in Afghanistan, priming them to become the nation's future entrepreneurs...." 


Written by 2013 Time "Top 100" selectee Roya Mahboob with Edward Zellem, published by McKinsey and Inc.

Roya Mahboob Afghan Woman Entrepreneur

Here are some examples of our one-page marketing flyers.

A small scuba diving business distributes the flyers to its mailing list of nearly 5,000 customers via MailChimp. We assist with distribition. 

The client is very happy with the results: an average opening rate of 28-32%, and many new customers each month as a direct result of each campaign. 

Scuba Advertising "Bounty Hunter" Promotion
Inventory Clearance 2017 Flyer_JPG_updat
Scuba Newsletter Sample Page 2

Monthly newsletters are one of the most effective ways for a business to maintain regular contact with customers.


Newsletters provide advertising opportunities for sales and events. Good newsletters also provide a level of personalization that can give small businesses a human face,  encouraging customers to visit. 

Edward Zellem

"Rudyard Kipling was right about many things.  But he was wrong when he wrote his famous line in The Ballad of East and West that “East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” 


I know he was wrong because I’ve seen the two meet many times.  And this time I saw East and West meet last Thursday at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC...."


"When Afghan-American Hollywood actor Fahim Fazli called me from his latest film set in Morocco, I knew it had to be something important.  Fahim was in Marrakesh shooting the new movie Rock the Casbah with Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. 


As always, Fahim was very busy.  But he wasn’t too busy to tell me about Morgan McKean.      Fahim described Morgan McKean as a talented Southern California thought leader, author and TV personality of Persian heritage and rock-star caliber. He thought that Morgan’s ideas on women’s empowerment and cross-cultural issues mirrored my work with Afghan Proverbs in certain ways, and he wanted to introduce us.


I was intrigued. Although I was busy putting the finishing touches on my own new book, I could hardly say no...."   


Morgan McKean Consultant
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These are just a few samples.  For more  >>
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